planning the 2011 staycation

 thunder & lightning & forts (oh my)

the hart clan is currently scheming and dreaming for next week's staycation.  not a true staycation, as we have a bit of organization/purging and project/planning thrown in, but since we have jesse home with us for nine days straight it can be labeled as such, right?

i love looking back at our five day staycation last year and remembering the fun we had.  building this fort was the most memorable for sure, and luca may already be designing an updated version for this year.  i am sure we will include most, if not all, the activities from last year and start to call them traditions.  gia may have already decided which drink to get at the library cafe.

here is a look at what you might find us doing next week.

staycation (night one)

staycation day two

staycation (part 3)

camping in our backyard

jesse and i have a few new ideas in the works. 
this post provides some neat thoughts for chambana, and this list just might be checked for other inspiration.

tell me, what are your favorite ways to go on a local holiday?

staycation day two


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