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 lately, i feel these posts have to be eeked out of the close-to-nothingness that is left in my brain at the end of each day.  and when i say lately, i mean most of this summer.  since i took on the classical conversations director position for our community, my daily to-do list has seriously grown.  and i love it.  this job has been such a great experience so far.   

but it is a job.  i am now working from home part-time and that is a huge adjustment to make in my schedule.  we are still figuring out how to carry this responsibility in a healthy way.  i am hoping to lead with humility, wisdom and excellence.  and while i do that, i am, first and foremost, a wife and mama hoping to serve my family with humility, wisdom, and excellence.  yep, there's that.

this time of year is particularly full as i attend trainings and practicums, hire tutors, provide information meetings, answer e-mails, find a facility, oversee registration, and plan for the coming year.  it has been so neat seeing all of the details come together.  and can i tell you just how amazing the other directors and parents are? 

i haven't spent much time here on the blog talking about all that i do with classical conversations.  but i do feel the absence of sharing a huge aspect of my life.  most of it would not be terribly interesting.  and the parts i would like to talk about . . . well, i don't really have the mental energy to write about right now.  i am feeling somewhat dormant in the output department.  there is still a ton of creativity happening; it just is more on the processing level.  i have learned so much and my mind is being stretched.  oh, if i could sit you down and tell you all about it over a glass of iced tea.

here is what i will tell you on this little blog tonight:
  • i am more passionate than ever about home centered education.
  • classical conversations is a wonderful organization.
  • we are hosting an information meeting for the champaign-urbana group this thursday, 7/21.  see here for more details

and that's about it.  if you made it to the end of this, thanks for putting up with all the wordy-ness


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