a day in the life of casey

you are invited to spend a day in the life of her.
the gal who you might think has it all together.  
the mama who seems to do it all. 
guess what?  she doesn't.

let's fight those lies.  this new series is an effort to dispel the superwoman myth.  it is a time to be encouraged and a place to be challenged. 

i have invited some wonderful women who want to be real with y'all.  they want to share their struggles and triumphs.  they want to give you a true glimpse into their everyday.  it might not be glamorous, but it is real and beautiful.

each thursday this summer, come walk a bit in the shoes of another.


This is Casey, wife to Chris, mama to Aiden and Ainsleigh, and freelance artist who blogs her story at The Wiegands.


I have a passion for art, people and serving the Lord. Finding the deep creativity behind our amazing creator is a way that He can move in our souls.

My cards, photography and paintings are all ways we can give back these gifts to Him. I hope that even my weaknesses can be transformed into beautiful expressions of peace, love and serving. I am constantly amazed by God’s creativity in the world and the ability He has given me to uniquely express how I see it.
My normal day is waking up early with the two little ones. Let me clarify...5:00 am with Ainsleigh...then around 7 shes usually getting sleepy and will do back down for maybe 45 minutes, just in time for Aiden to wake up! (oh and both my sweet chicadees wake up in the night)!


We make breakfast and get ready for the day. Ainsleigh usually takes her morning nap somewhere around 10 so when she wakes from that we usually try and have a playdate or an outing in the morning. (if it's warm we head to the park or the pool!!!) If it is cold or rainy we usually spend the morning painting or playing. 


Then we eat lunch and go down for naps (if i am lucky their naps will overlap and I will have some time to paint, return emails and blog.) BUT in the past 9 months I can count the amount of times that has happened....hence the reason I am generally pretty hard to get a hold of! 

When they wake up we usually "create" together (my little guy loves loves loves to paint) and play outside until dinner. Then dinnertime as a family when my husband gets home...then the night routine...baths, prayers, snacks, a little more playtime then bed! Truthfully, my Aiden is a NIGHTOWL so if we get him bed before 9:30/10 that is RARE. 


After the kiddos are down Chris and I usually watch a movie or finish up any work that didn't get done! Sometimes I will paint really late at night when everyone is asleep (I am talking middle of the night.)

* people often ask how I have time to blog...well I usually will write a week's worth of posts one night and then set them to post for me. I wish I could read others' blogs better, comment better, encourage better...BUT my kiddos are more important at this phase of life! I guess I am a people pleaser so I have struggled to "unplug" and not worry so much about responding to everything all the time. They need their mama! I am INCREDIBLY grateful for the love and friendships the blogging community has brought me though, I am forever touched by it!

So there it is, a basic day in the life of Casey Leigh Wiegand!


thank you, casey, for sharing a glimpse of your sweet day with us.  i love your heart for keeping the right priorities.


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