closing up the week

 staycation yumminess

we only have three more days of our staycation.  it has been way different than planned, but still full of togetherness.
fun in the sun and fun in the fort.
and i can't forget the daily yumminess on our tour of frozen treats.
plus i am getting a mini studio/office makeover!
just in time to start a new year of homeschool next week. oh yes.


there was not a new day in her life post yesterday, but have you read all of the amazing posts from my previous guests?

i have more super special guests next month.
i am soooo excited to get a look at their days.
you are in for a treat, friends.


did you catch my wednesday post?
it didn't publish when i expected, so it kinda got lost in the mix.


also, last call for august sponsors.  check here for more details
it will be a great month to jump on board.


that's about it for now.  i am off to draw dragons with a 6yo and then hit up a pool perhaps.  ooh and maybe arrange the new peg board later. 

happy friday!


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