papi's day 2011

papi's day 2011

papi's day 2011

thank you for mowing the lawn, even though luca told you to do only the things you want today.

i am glad you like your gift.  even if all we did was drive you to the store this afternoon and let you pick it out.

thank you for obliging my 10 minute pit stop while driving to that store so i could surprise you with this photo shoot at the super cool tree.

i am sorry you missed your bike ride this morning due to the storm.

but it was really great to sleep in.

thank you for helping me parent these amazing children, even when one of them screams at us all morning.

and thank you for grilling your own dinner.  it was oh so yummy.

the root beer floats were fun and tasty too.  yes, i had a good idea with that one.

papi's day 2011

it amazes me how much you do for our family.

thank you for being their papi.


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