more than a bio

 more than a bio

earlier this week, i was asked to provide a short and sweet 2-4 sentence bio.  this is one of those things i have wanted to have on hand, but i just kept neglecting the actual writing of one.  it is hard to succinctly describe myself. 

but here is what i ended up with:
annalea chooses joy and finds beauty in the lovely-but-difficult journey she lives with jesse, husband of ten years, and their three littles.  when she is not homeschooling, homemaking, or getting her hands dirty in the studio or potager, she tells the stories of their sweet, messy everyday at annalea hart.
what do you think?  do you think it describes me?  succinctly?

to be honest, i kind of love it.

which is much less about my stellar bio writing skills (ha!) and much more about the path that i am on.  i love the life God has given me and am excited to see where it is going.  this is not a my-life-is-perfect love.  this is a love that acknowledges sorrow and heartache, frustration and brokenness.  but it also embraces the grace and faithfulness of the Almighty.

how about you?
do you have a bio at the ready?
have you ever thought about writing one?

what would you need to love about your life to craft a bio that is an accurate and beautiful description of your life?

how about you share your short and sweet bio in the comments?
okay . . . go!


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