a day in the life of megan

today begins the new series, a day in the life of her.  

i have invited some wonderful women who want to be real with y'all.  they want to share their struggles and triumphs.  they want to give you a true glimpse into their everyday.  it might not be glamorous, but it is real and beautiful.


i'm megan. i capture the art of everyday and bundle moments together over at contentedsparrow.  because with Christ as our unfailing bedrock, the mess and bliss of simply living is beautiful.  i choose to see and count every moment as gift from God.  digging in the dirt, feathering our nest, training the three, serving, failing, growing...that's us.

violet and i

maybe you've visited my space before and seen how i enjoy feathering our nest and filling it with color. or something lovely i've created like a meal. or the kids and i reading books together or them working diligently on their schoolwork. or the long, laid back nature walks we go on. or hubbie and i frolicking through the meadows. well, no, you've definitely never seen that one but.....
maybe you've seen things like that and left discouraged. maybe you've thought, "barf. i can barely get dinner on the table today let alone wander through the woods for three hours with my kids." maybe you've left with a pit in your stomach as your mind goes down that thorny comparison path.

if so, i need to beg your forgiveness. your grace. forgive me if i've given the impression that my life is shiny and perfect and daisies all the time. because, you have to know, i'm a mess! we're a mess! we waste time and act selfish and make wrong choices and create disorder and on and on every day. i most certainly don't "do it all" as much as i try. exercise gets skipped, projects remain half-finished, dust piles up, children are not treasured, husband not prioritized, letters go unwritten.

but the most joyous wonderful news in all this is HIS GRACE! we wake up the next morning and He's amazingly given us a brand new day! and He's still there in the midst and He's in the redemption business and He makes all things new and He is ever-patient and all-loving and I'm soooo thankful. phew!

that's why even though i'm completely an open-book and all about authenticity, i choose to blog light and thanks and creativity all for His glory alone.

so, here's a day in my life. an average day. a day that looks a bit different than our schooling days and a day at which i can look back and recognize that i didn't play with my kids enough but it was OUR day nonetheless.  the 24 hours He so graciously gave.

5:45am: (bolting out of bed) gatsby! what in the world are you barking at?! you're going to wake the neighbor's baby! beeee quietttt! (15 minutes before my alarm was set to go off) oh, well, i guess i have 15 more minutes of daylight to spend.

i'd make the bed but he's still in it. bless his sleeping heart, Lord. his first day of summer break.


downstairs. french press, coffee swirled with cream. ahhhhh....

(deep breath) it's You and me, God. (reading, praising, writing out thanks) what do You have for me today?

"give me, O God, this day a strong and vivd sense that Thou art by my side. in multitude and solitude, in business and leisure, in my downsitting and in my uprising, may i ever be aware of Thine accompanying presence. by they grace, O God, i will go nowhere this day where Thou canst come, nor court any companionship that would rob me of Thine.

-i steadier step
when i recall
that though i slip
Thou dost not fall"


kids still asleep. i guess i'll just make myself a smoothie.  and then back upstairs to work out? nope, not gonna happen today.



good morning kiddos. love you. let me get you some breakfast. looks like it's a cereal day today. yes, i know you like cereal day better than egg day.


lucy-girl, let's clean your bedroom together. you need to put clothes on your dollies.


eli, your turn to empty the dishwasher.


yes, you can go play with friends.



oh, somebody put the strawberries we picked yesterday in the fridge...(grabbing bowl) (berry avalanche as i realize too late that there's no lid on said bowl)



here you go you thirsty camel plants


better take the clothes out of the dryer. oh, nice, candy wrappers....


lunchtime already? come and get your super healthy pb&js. (nutrition fail) even mommy's going to eat one because i looove our strawberry-rhubarb freezer jam!


shall i dig into the fabric pile today?? nope, you'll have to be patient sweet vintage lovelies.


girlie, want to help mommy make cookies? yes, you may have ONE spoonful of dough (said while licking the beater clean).



you're going back to play with neighbors? i'll be in the garden. {bliss, breathe deep, soak in the sun, get dirty fingernails, pile up the berries)



oh, nuts, we have veggies but no meat thawed for dinner. and we didn't have any protein last night. maybe i should run to the grocery store and pick up a rotisserie chicken. hmm, we can have mashed potatoes, carrots and asparagus with it. i suppose i'll have to put on some respectable clothes. honey, i'll be back in a little bit.

why, Lord...what is so wrong with me that this huge store makes my stomach hurt. why, WHY are the aisles so long? why do we need 1,349 choices of cereal? why does it have to be so ginormous? why, oh WHY did she wait to get her checkbook out until after the checker finished? why does this store bring out the very worst in me e.v.e.r.y. single time? why, WHY am i so judgemental and impatient?


thank you for food, Lord. forgive my sinful attitude.


now for my reward...


try not to spill and i sure wish this headache would go away. thank You for ibuprofen!


i better stop at hobby lobby to pick up those things i needed for that project i was dreaming about (that will have to wait for another day).


honey, i'm home and i know you're starving. i'll start dinner right now. the chicken ladies are going to love these scraps!  i'll just run down there a minute while the potatoes are boiling.


ooo, while i'm out here i should check for eggs. hmm, somebody must have gotten them already. better check the berries in the back garden. grr, evil berry-eating creatures strike again. uh-oh...the water...boiling over, i'm sure!


yep, it boiled over. but everything smells good. grab a plate and head outside...


(warm weather = every meal outside and the dining room table = art studio!)


better check my email quick...or not so quick...


i'll just do these dishes myself. they're all having too much fun outside.


ok, time for bath little sweetie.


you really want me to read nurse nancy tonight? that sounds good, my love. jesus loves you and so does mommy. nighty-night.


i know it's usually just daddy but i think i'll listen in on your reading tonight, boys. oh, my...you are sooo tired. i love you so, so much, boys. kisses.


don't think we'll be able to sleep on top of mt. laundry so i better get that folded tonight. gatsby's all tucked in. time to tuck myself in. ahh, cool sheets, my book. heavy eyelids. night, honey. i love you. (that dog better not wake me up in the morning.)


thank You, Lord, for each hallowed moment today, these minutes that will never be again, Your grace for it all. i love you.


thank you so much, megan, for sharing the beauty of your everyday.


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