a day in the life of meg

 you are invited to spend a day in the life of her.
the gal who you might think has it all together.  the mama who seems to do it all. 
guess what?  she doesn't.

let's fight those lies.  this new series is an effort to dispel the superwoman myth.  it is a time to be encouraged and a place to be challenged. 

i have invited some wonderful women who want to be real with y'all.  they want to share their struggles and triumphs.  they want to give you a true glimpse into their everyday.  it might not be glamorous, but it is real and beautiful.

each thursday this summer, come walk a bit in the shoes of another.


i am meg.  
i blog at whatever.


i am a mother to five children ages 16 - 6.....three girls and two boys.  
i am a stay at home mom but i am also a family photographer about 8 times a month.  
i am an artistic soul always wanting to create something.
i am a sanguine personality.
my husband is my BFF.   
i am a christian.  
i love learning the truths that God has for me.  
Jesus rocks my world. 

annalea asked me some questions and asked me to share some tips and a look into my day at our house......

do you have a strict schedule or a looser flow to the hours?
definitely LOOSE!
schedules and deadlines and appointments are the opposite of what makes me happy.
i like to set my own pace for the day in the summer.
the school year is ALL alarm clocks-and-rushing-to-be-there-and-don't-forget-this-or-that. 
in the summer i love the later nights....total freedom of the day....sleep....and TIME. 
we have sports schedules but other than that i just like to BE. 

what is your main role in this season of life?
to be present for my kids.
they don't realize it but that is what i am.  
i am here with them everyday.  i am here to answer questions.  i am here to talk.  
i am here to take them places 
or to say no.  
they don't know anything different.
when they grow up they will look back and realize that mom was always home and there.
although they may wish i wasn't home as much......especially the teenagers.

what is a typical day for you?
i am a late sleeper.
i don't usually get up in the summer until after 9:00.
i feel guilty about that but i am a night person so i stay up till midnight or 1 AM every night so of course i would 
need to get my sleep sometime.  
i enjoy the night because everyone else is asleep and i get time to myself!

no breakfast.
i am not a breakfast girl....sometimes but not often....unless there are muffins.
my kids are up and watching tv and playing computer games so they are all like sleepy zombies.
i come out to my couch on the porch & i read my bible and i work on the blog/read blogs/work on editing photos.


by noon we MAY have an idea for our day.....the kids usually jump in the pool about this time.


my oldest is asleep still.
my second oldest is already at the gym playing basketball.  
all day.
annie has already asked three times if she can call a friend to come over.

we discuss the summer list and what we should do.
i run some errands and typically forget one thing on my list (because it's in my head and not written down)


they call friends.
friends come over.
or i drop them at their friends.

i do laundry.
i pick up the house.....and they pick up the house.

my oldest wakes up and gets on the computer.


we go to the library or the public pool...i like this because i am allowed to just sit and watch.
i hand out quarters at break time and that is all i am needed for.  :) 


i get groceries.


i hate deciding what to make for dinner.
usually pasta or grilling with fruit as a side.


my husband comes home from work.
he wears a suit to work and he is so handsome.
my favorite part of the day could be when his car pulls up in the driveway.
i always have a big sigh of relief that he is back and i get to be with him.


we eat dinner.
the kids clean it up.
and they get back in the pool.


we sit outside and watch them.....or we work on the yard......craig shoots baskets with my 13 year old.
he has come home from the gym and gone back at least once in the same day.
if there is any sport on tv he has it on and goes in and out of the living room and continues to eat all night.


we have ice cream for dessert nearly every night.
(my hips can attest)
in the summer it's usually in cones and we eat it outside....or smores on the campfire.
they catch lightning bugs or play with the dog till it gets dark.


we send them into bed and 30 minutes later they are usually finally down.


the two oldest stay up later than the younger 3.....i miss the old days where everyone was in bed by 8:00.
they watch tv together.
until we send them to bed.
there is usually lots of arguing about it....hate that.
why can't they just go and stop griping?
for once.


they go.
craig and i have quiet....unless it's too late and he goes up to bed too.

i work on photography again.
and blogs.
and browse pinterest.
till my eye lids are heavy.
and i crawl into bed way late again.

do you have any tricks or tips to share?
since i have been working at this mom thing for 16 years now.....i have learned that it is ok to say no.
no to cell phones for little ones.
no to certain sleep overs.
no to a teacher for your child.
no to the team photos for their 5 week soccer team....no to paying for them!
no to tv or video games.

that is my tip....listen to your heart.
god gives you those thoughts and discernments for a reason.
someone has to be in charge of your family.
and of course it should be you. 
(and your husband....but he's at work most of the time for the stuff i'm talking about)
YOU are the mom.
you are the one they look to for guidance.
they won't like your NO's most often but you just have to do what you know is right.
it is usually harder to say no.

and i am not great at this but i am getting better....and i have many more years to work at it.

listen to your heart.

thanks annalea for asking me to participate.
i don't think i am super woman or even close to that.
i do love being a mom.
and a wife.

i fail quite often...i yell...i forget things....i mess up....i shrink clothes....i get lazy....i get mad
but i keep trying. 
and have a grateful heart that God gives me a chance to start fresh everyday.


thank you, meg, for sharing your beautiful, colorful heart.
and amen to everyday fresh starts.


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