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our boys playing on the quad
erin asked:
You guys practice sabbath rest on Saturday, right? Do you go to church on Saturdays? Or Sundays? Or? Curious about that. Your sabbath rest posts are so inspiring to me. :)
we are part of a campus church at the university of illinois urbana-champaign called illini life christian fellowship.  it is actually where jesse and i met back in 1997.  it pretty much rocks.  a real church with real people talking about real things.  you can learn more about i-life here

our worship service is on saturday night and is creatively titled saturday night grace or sng.  many wonder what we do with our kiddos during a service that starts at bedtime.  one family in our church opens up their home for the babies (2 & under) to sleep or play.  enzo goes there and he (usually) sleeps.  

miss salem

the children's ministry at i-life is great.  luca and gia love their kids company classes and friends.  the parents and some fab others share the load of teaching and childcare.  we are so thankful for the commitment of the leaders and volunteers.

quad grace

this past weekend was our final service for the spring semester.  it is tradition to meet on the quad.  afterwards, we celebrated as six of our members were baptized.  it was beautiful. 

i should clarify that saturday is the best day for our family to observe the sabbath, regardless of our worship service.  we have found that we really need a day off after the work week.  there are a whole lotta reasons why, but i will save them for another time.


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