you asked about my favorites

rebekah asked (and peggy seconded the request):
alright I am new around here so I want to know the fun stuff: fav book, fav movie, fav guilty pleasure, fav form of art/craft, fav verse, fav blogs.. . you know the fun stuff :).
 okay, here is a smattering of the fun stuff.

fave drink

tazo chai.  hot, sweet, and spicy. mmmmm.  definitely my favorite morning beverage.  when the temps rise, i will take a glass of iced sweet tea please. 

narrowing down a craft is difficult.  i am a dabbler.  i enjoy variety and have a hard time narrowing my field.  you could say that my favorite way to craft is with repurposed materials.  i know it is mucho popular these days, but it is something i have always loved.  making do with what i have and can find is so rewarding.

a timely reminder

L O V E this verse.  romans 12:12 just about sums it up for me.
life is beautiful. oh, this movie is just ah-mazing.  seriously.  after i saw it the first time, i wanted to walk back in and see it again. (but the theater was closing.) 

fave book

the anne books are my absolute favorites.  other yearly must reads include the chronicles of narnia and the work of jane austen.  and i like to visit middle earth.  i read every dean koontz book (love some, not so much all) and also enjoy ted dekker.  i am a huge fan of ya novels.  huge fan.  it is the first section i visit at the library.  i have read the first four potter books 8 times (and the 5th one 7 times, the 6th one 6 times, the 7th ones 5 times).  um, yeah.  i like to read.

as for blogs. . .oh, ann voskamp.  her words just get me every time.  i am so thankful for her.  other bloggers i love?  well, check out my friends buttons on the right sidebar and the reading tab under my header (which so needs to be updated).  a new to me blog i am enjoying is grace laced.  ruth's "why i blog" post so closely matches my motivations.

i love to dance.  i wish i could dance all the time.  (when i am not reading of course.)  jesse and i were even dance partners before we dated.  and one of our favorite summer shows, so you think you can dance, begins a new season later this month.  so excited! 

fave color

red is my color. you will find it peppered all over my home and my person.  my bridemaids wore red dresses.  red makes me happy.

and if you have met me in person, you have seen the above pictured diaper bag.  i have been using it since march 2008.  you could call it my favorite accessory.

i guess a favorite guilty pleasure would be watching tv.  three no-longer-airing shows i love are west wing, lost, and gilmore girls.  current ones i like are psych, parenthood, friday night lights and fringe.

our backyard

my favorite place to be is our backyard.  it is like we have our own private park out there.  i do not take for granted how incredibly blessed we are with this space.  boy, does it take a lot of work to keep up with the weeds though. 

you can usually find me listening to one of the enter the worship circle albums.  i can't get enough of their music.  if you caught it on twitter last week, i announced that one of the worship circle artists (and, um, my fave!!!) is coming to our home next week to play a house concert.  pinch me!  i am still in shock.  the wonder of facebook is all i have to say.  (more on that story later.)

so, rebekah and peggy, did i miss any fun stuff?


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