a star wars movie party

happy birthday luca

it only took a month and a half, but we finally celebrated luca's 6th birthday star wars style.  after spraining my ankle days before the original party, we made the decision to cancel.  rescheduling was difficult and come early may, we still had not found a time.  on may the 4th, the internet was ablaze with star wars day references.  i was bummed i hadn't thought of it as a possible date.  until it hit me.  if his friends were available, why not throw a last minute little party?  after a flurry of phone calls, i had secured attendance from most of the invitees by noon.  

okay, let's plan a party in 6 hours.

yoda sodas
lemon lime soda + lime sherbet = yoda sodas

you can find this idea all over the party idea sites.  they were a huge hit with the boys.  add some favorite take-out pizza and you have dinner.  simple, fast, and no advance prep.

yoda sodas

yoda sodas

you can use dry erase markers on glasses to keep track of the drinker.  i saw this tip (maybe via pinterest?) but i can't find the source.  the boys thought it was super cool that their glasses were personalized.

mini fig battle
mini fig battle

mini fig battle about to take place on the buffet.  watch out.

we used what we had for decor.  legos, light sabers, and a black framed mirror sitting in storage.

master jedi

we even had entertainment.

yoda wrapping

star wars movie party

we turned the party into a movie night as i knew i didn't have time to plan games and activities in six hours.  

thank you target dollar aisle for always keeping these plastic popcorn boxes in stock.  a quick run there and i grabbed one for each kid.  after the movie, they were quickly washed out and doubled as a favor box, filled with star wars stickers (that we had on hand) and star wars fruit snacks (that they sell at meijer).

movie time

easiest party ever when your party goers sit quietly for an hour and a half.

loves her popcorn

brownie + mint ice cream sandwiches

i made brownie and mint ice cream sandwiches upon luca's request.  (green for yoda, mama.)  i downloaded a star wars font from dafont.com and used it to make a simple birthday banner taped to the mirror.

the awesome candle was a meijer party aisle find.  aside from the popcorn boxes and food, it was the only item bought for the party.  i see this getting used for many years.  luca enjoyed defeating darth vader by blowing out his light saber.

our little padawan

a very happy padawan at the end of an unexpected day.

all in all, this last minute party was a major success in my book.


jkww said...

Hi Annalea! This is a terrific last-minute Star Wars Party! I have a Star Wars Cookbook with recipes like "Wookie Cookies" and "Boba Fett-ucini" if you want to borrow it for next year :)

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