may the fourth be with you


i think we are about to harvest a whole lotta rhubarb.  quite a bit of thinning must be done here.  i will be looking to unload some plants.  any takers?  (stephanie?)

happy star wars day!  may the fourth be with you.  at about nine this morning we decided to reschedule luca's birthday party for this evening.  yeah, we are crazy like that.  but it oddly made sense too.  photos and such to come.

i made a big decision today.  it is sadness and goodness all wrapped up in one necessary package.  keep an eye out for an announcement and a one little change post either tomorrow or friday.

 have you heard of the love for anika parties?  can you host one?  what a creative and beautiful way to be a part of something amazing.

this is go time for classical conversations directing.  gathering registrations, hiring tutors, planning info meetings, and so on and so on.  i am so very very excited about this coming year.

today was my little brother's last day of college classes!  he graduates in just over a week.  i am in denial.  because it makes me feel old. 

i really want to buy matthew mead's summer bookazine.  but i won't.  because i do not have $21.95 to spend on it.  but doesn't it look scrumptious?

i have started an answer post (the first of a series, i am guessing) and i think i might dedicate next week to it (them).  thanks for asking some fun questions. 

aren't i just a barrel full of random tonight?  okay, time for bed.  


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