getting ready

oh me, oh my, tomorrow is may 19th.

and may 19th means. . . karla is coming!!!


so, i am trying to get our house and yard picked up and pulled together for the concert, so guests aren't tripping over legos and tree brnaches and have a place to set their drinks without knocking over princess dolls or pool toys.  it takes a lot of work with three littles running about.  but the house needed a good spring cleaning after these last few months of illness and injury.

and it is worth it, because, have i mentioned, there is a concert here tomorrow?!?!?!?

i am about to create a little welcome banner to greet our guests.  in between taking kiddos to swim lessons, making dinner, and folding the laundry.  all in a lovely day's worth of work. 

  before i run off, i thought i would show you a sneak peak of where we will hold the concert if the weather doesn't cooperate.  this photo has been popular over the last couple years.  here is an updated shot of the room. 

the east end of the attic

here is the opposite end of the room.  we used to call the upstairs the treehouse.  now that we are building an actual treehouse, we are renaming it the attic.  luca is adamant on that.  adamant.

the west end of the attic

but i am praying the weather holds up.  i am envisioning a wonderful night out here.


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