full of thanks and a love of reading

bags of books

this morning we finished our first family read-aloud!  after visiting a local farm earlier this spring, charlotte's web was a fitting choice.  luca was so eager to hear the rest today, we spent almost 2 hours enjoying the end of the story.

we have had definite attention span difficulties in the past, so finishing was such a sweet experience.  i am full of thanks for this slow in-the-moment morning of little bodies piled on the couch.

full of thanks for a big-little boy who still loves to snuggle his mama.

bags of books

and i am full of thanks for the ability to once again walk to the library and come home with bags brimming with books.  after 6 long weeks of recovering from either a sprained ankle or a neck/back sprain, we were sadly missing these weekly excursions.

bags of books

and i am full of thanks for the contented quiet that settles over our porch when we arrive home from these walks.

bags of books

well, almost quiet.

i am full of thanks for energetic toddlers too.

coming up roses 

and i am full of thanks for roses that will soon be blooming and the lovely fragrance they will bring these quiet porch moments.  those seemingly never ending april showers did their job i guess.

i am also incredibly full of thanks for a weekend of balance.  saturday was one of those necessary and helpful, but, nonetheless, exhausting times.  jesse helped me recover by taking on all child care duties for the weekend.  he is very good to me.

what are you thankful for as you start this new week and new month?



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