very pinteresting

okay, okay, now i get it.  pinterest that is.

i joined a month or so ago, but didn't really start using it until this last weekend.  and my oh my, is it fun.  and helpful.  and a bit addicting.

the idea is that you create inspiration boards full of photos.  think magazine tear sheets meet internet awesomeness.  you can group these photos any way you want - crafts, decor, fashion, art, etc.  pinterest helps you keep track of the pretties you see on-line, while also giving you an idea of your current tastes.  it is neat to step back and see what is trending on your boards.

do you use pinterest?  you can find me here.

if you want to join, leave your e-mail in the comments section and i will send you an invitation.

happy pinning!


p.s. check out this post and leave a question! :)


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