an update on one little change


i need to apologize.  i have missed the last two one little change posts, without even a mention of their absence.  that is not how i want to run things around here.  now i will be the first to admit that my follow-through is not always the greatest.  this is definitely one of my biggest weaknesses. but i still want to be faithful with what i promise.  i promised a weekly post.  i did not deliver.  and i am sorry.

i don't think you were all biting your nails in suspense over this issue, but i do want to just get it out there.  and take it one step further.  i don't think i can manage a weekly series.  it is too much of a commitment for me right now.  i am tired and am okay admitting it.  super-goo likes to keep me on my toes.  unless i want to baby proof every single cabinet, door, and drawer in the home (and where in the world would i find time for that?) i will keep on finding him in situations like the above.

then there's the whole homeschooling gig.  yeah, that is pretty time consuming.  in case you were wondering.

what i would like to do is make one little change a monthly meet-up to touch base.  this can be an opportunity for those of you making little changes to share your story.  get encouraged.  be inspired.  i would love to be part of a community of change-makers.  because the truth is we all have full days.  we all get tired.  but that doesn't mean we can't make progress towards our goals, right?  let's do it together. 

so here's my thought.  tell me about your changes.  what have you accomplished lately?  what do you want to see different?  tell me something - anything - about the little changes in your life.  i want to hear about it.  for reals.


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