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as you can see, i have been tweaking things a bit more on the blog.  i think the design is pretty close to where i want it.  since i do this in spurts when time, creative inspiration, and mental ability allow, i seem to need several months for me to complete this makeover.  not much different than a physical makeover around the house though.

this might be obvious, but just wanted to let you know that the words listed under my header take you to separate pages.  they are cool.  not completely finished, but cool.  

i realize i still have not shared some links for help in prettifying a blog.  let me start with claiming my status as a very novice designer and html coder.  very novice. but if you are adept at using a search engine and willing to spend the time learning, you too can prettify your blog. 

google was my best friend in this process.  i would type in "how to increase blog column width html code" or "how to make a blog button" and voila!  some sweet person had the instructions.  here are my most used sources:

beautify your blog series on momma go round

blogging 101 posts on tip junkie

blog design tutorials on kevin & amanda

do you want to know one of my favorite changes around here?  my favicon!  you know you are a detail person, when having a personal favicon makes you oh-so-happy. 

a favicon is the teeny tiny image that pops up next to the name of a website.  this post at tip junkie was fabulous and helpful.

what part of blog design makes the biggest impact on your site? if you don't blog, what detail do you appreciate about others?

and if you see anything looking wonky on here, will you let me know?  i would so appreciate it.


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