pain and loopy-ness

i hurt my neck.  like i can hardly move pain.  sigh.

i may be afflicted, but i am not crushed.  i refuse to be downtrodden.  not that frustration and disappointment aren't waiting to be let in.  they are.  but i am double bolting that door tonight

for mama

aren't dirt encrusted fingernails just the cutest?  i love 'em.  a sure sign of being outdoors.  which we did a lot of yesterday.  jesse even got to rent a jackhammer.  don't be jealous.

blogging will probably be light this week, as i can barely sit up, much less type.  and when i can, it is because of the muscle relaxers.  which make me loopy.  so kind of a good idea i don't try to publicly write out my loopy-ness, right?


p.s. enzo is still a bit sick.  keep praying for his recovery.  also, my husband is awesome.  just sayin'.


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