the one where i resort to bullet points

  • when i am tired, can't write full paragraphs of thought, and sesame street is turning me into a preschooler, i resort to bullet points.
  • also, i just started to spell the word paragraph with a "ph" and thought it looked okay.  elmo's voice really is that loud right now.  
  • did i mention i have been half-awake since midnight with a sick toddler?  oh stomach bug, please go go away.  
  • yesterday i was pooped on.  (sorry mom for writing poop.  for anyone to read.  i will try not to embarrass you too much more.)  
  • this morning i was thrown up on.
  • but my baby boy called me mama for the first time.  he appreciates my efforts.
  • and in case you were wondering, the above photo was not taken today.  there is no way me bangs look like that this early. 
future firepit
  • we will be finishing up demolition of the old play structure this weekend.  here is the future home of our firepit.  yay!  and we might even put up the first beams for the tree house!
  • i get to see one of my college roomies tomorrow.  she is visiting from africa.  i am so stinkin' excited.
  • i have finally started to digitize our potager plans. you can check them out here if you are interested.
mama rabbit
  • the bunnies are still hunkered down in the potager.  mama rabbit can usually be found watching over them from under a nearby hedge.  but once in a while, she hops around the potager, checking things out.
  • baby boy is now catching up on sleep.  and i am still watching pbs cartoons.  with luca and gia of course.  praying enzo sleeps and heals.
forsythias bought
  • my parents bought jesse and i forsythia bushes for the potager entrance and ferns to hang on the porch.  happy birthday to us!  things are looking so very happy outside. 
  • i am going to attempt a nap while all of the littles are quiet.
  • have a lovely weekend!


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