little miss power ranger

little miss power ranger

luca was gone for about 1 hour before gia asked to put on the costume.  i am guessing it was a mix of missing her big brother and having the freedom to play what and how she wanted.  oh to love someone so much that their happiness becomes your own.  but also wanting to express individualism and be in control.  it is a beautiful tension.
mama, can i wear this?  mama, will you help me put it on?
little miss power ranger

that serious furrowed brow is determined to play the part right.  no half-hearted power rangers here.

little miss power ranger

she is now the center of her little brother's universe.  no sharing the attention.  she is confident of his admiration.  

her bouncer

the goo is telling me to put down that camera and give him my lap.  he needs a comfy spot for the my-big-sister-is-so-great entertainment.

check out those sound effects.  definitely the coolest little-big sister around.


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