last friday we were in the heights

in the heights

can i just tell y'all how jesse brought me to tears on our way to nashville?  completely happy and utterly surprised tears.

a few months ago, we were introduced to the broadway musical in the heights.  it is a story about defining home and discovering where you belong.  we were hooked on the youtube videos.  the music and dancing looked oh-so good.  it won best musical, score, choreography, and orchestrations in the 2008 tony awards.  

the problem was it had left chicago.  not that we frequently (or really ever) go in to the city to see shows, but still.  the option was gone.  sad for us.

but then my super cool husband checked out the other tour cities.  and it was going to be in nashville.  the city i have been itching to visit.  and it landed on my birthday!  so that amazing guy bought us tickets - on valentine's day!  and he kept it a secret for the whole time.  he pretty much rocks.

at tpac

those who know us well, can attest to the many rough patches we have been through over the past 10 years.  this last year has been so different.  not because he is spending lots of money and taking me away for a weekend and surprising me with tickets to a broadway musical.  but it is due to the thoughtfulness and care that went into this planning.  that is what makes my heart sing.  thank you sweets, for loving me through it all. 

here's an idea of what we saw.  (note:  there is PG13 language/content in this musical.  not much, if any, in these clips though.)

and because it made jesse and i laugh lots last night, i thought i would share this next one too.


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