if i could choose a superpower

it would be unlimited patience with my children.

how about you?  what would you choose?

hey, did you enjoy the sponsor features yesterday?  i loved hearing from each of them. 
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reminders. . .
enter laura's fun giveaway!
don't forget about the sweet discounts casey, mandy, and jenni are offering too.
if you have any burning questions, ask them.  or even if they are silly, still ask.

i am silly.  just ask my kids.

i make this fish face about every five minutes.  maybe my way of channeling supernatural patience.  or just a way to make them laugh.  thank you God for goofiness.

this is a night with a thousand thoughts running through my head.  spent time in a friend's car tonight spewing out some of them.  thanks for listening molly.  are you ever surprised by how your inner beliefs sounds out loud?  i was tonight.  then i came in the house, sat down on a stool in the kitchen, and talked jesse's ear off about all of it a second time.  he totally gets me.  wow, that is so good.

but now i still have those thousand thoughts bouncing around up there.. 

i am tired.  praying tomorrow i can be a much more loving mama to these three littles.

the end.


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