healing and a hodgepodge of thoughts

puttin' his feet up

it is amazing to be able to swallow without pain.  and i can actually sleep without muscle relaxers!  woot woot! jesse has also been able to return to work for almost full days which was my biggest concern.  i still need to be super careful, meaning no housework or gardening. and the kiddos are running amok, which is pretty fun for them.  but legos are educational, right?

that reminds me of a post i wanted to share from simple homeschool.  we are choosing to school year round and often are asked why.  these thoughts pretty accurately answer for us.

if you get a chance, stop by take heart today and help danielle celebrate her birthday is style.  she is hosting a huge giveaway to benefit the joyful life library.

and there is another danielle dreaming big and hosting a mega-fundraiser to help her family's adoption.  go check it out.

i am loving the questions y'all have drummed up so far.  keep 'em coming.

enzo had his first fully healthy day yesterday.  super big yay!  and he actually slept through the night last night!  thanks for all the prayers.

hope those of you who requested it received their pinterest invites.  i have been happily pinning away while stuck on the couch.  as well as finally beginning the great photo sort.  you don't even want to know how i have been storing old photos for the last 12 years.  yikes.

i am going to start reposting previous tutorials that were published elsewhere on the internets.  i think it would be a good idea to have them located here too, as my girls at kojodesigns brought up a few months back.  i have given you notice.

how are you preparing for this weekend?  any special ways you are remembering Christ's sacrifice and the celebration for His rising from the tomb?  i have sadly not been keeping this as my focus, but I plan on changing that now that my mind is clear of drugs.

allright, i am signing off.  sibling mediation is needed nearby.



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