getting reacquainted

i am so backed up with photos this spring.  i keep finding forgotten little treasures.   here is a peak at early april in the potager.

early asparagus

the asparagus is now taller than luca.  we'll be able to harvest it next year.  there was a definite difference in their growth this season.  they were much thicker and more asparagus-y looking.  (i know.  i am great with descriptions.)

squirmy wormy

squirmy wormy

we needed to get reacquainted with the worms.  it only took gia a few minutes before she could hold it.  such an improvement over last summer when she would screech and run everytime she saw a creepy crawly or squirmy wormy.  she kept repeating, "worms aren't bad guys.  they are good.  worms aren't bad guys.  they are good."  adorable.

mr. curly top with a stick

mr. curly top can usually be found holding a stick.  or a handful of rocks.  or both.  they make excellent toddler companions.

and that hair just kills me.

finding the bunnies

this was the day we discovered the bunnies.  quite exciting.  sadly for my littles (but happily for my strawberries) they have now moved on.

waiting for netting

i am also getting reacquainted with my squirrel woes.  they are digging up everything.  ugh.  here is my highly elaborate stick structure that has since been tented with netting to keep them out of those strawberries.  these critters are trying to keep us from that yumminess.  

this season is full of so much change, but i am learning the rhythm of our little plot of land.  this is our third spring learning its ways and discovering its secrets.  but oh, there is so much more to uncover.  especially with children involved.  through their young eyes, i learn that worms are not bad guys and sticks are much more than fallen branches.  

what are you being reacquainted with this spring?

i just want to say my heart is aching for the those effected by the devastating storms that hit the southern states last night.  our thoughts and prayers are with the people and communities there. 


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