easter sweetness

oh, what a wonderful weekend. a celebration to top all celebrations.


i am so very thankful that i had relief from the neck and back pain by saturday.  and what beautiful weather!  we spent much needed time in the potager and yard, after a week of near constant rain and gloom.

but i began to feel the stress of 6 unproductive days (healing is productive, i know, but still.)  there were no baskets or candy or clean clothes or groceries bought.  jesse and i put together something simple for the littles.  my tide to go stick did some wonders on a dress for gia.  my parents, brothers, and one of cameron's roommates prepared quite the spread for supper.  it was sweetness all round.

  but the baking?  once i realized i was capable, i jumped at the chance to bake cake.  i love baking cakes.  LOVE.  i have done wedding cakes and used to be the go-to girl for showers and parties.  but my cake baking skills are sadly untested these days.  i just can't swing regular cake baking with the demands of mamahood.  too tired.  but this weekend?  i was going to bake cake!

easter cakes

i went to my tried and true nigella lawson.  she is ah-mazing.  both of these cakes were from feast and will be easter staples at casa hart from now on. 

lemon meringue cake

this lemon meringue cake was new to me.  light and lovely.  absolutely fantastic.  try it.  try it now.

easter egg nest cake

and nigella's easter egg nest cake is chocolately goodness.  the cracked top is heaped with a light frosting of whipped cream and melted chocolate.  after making it once, i could not go back to an easter without it.  (this year i did not whip the cream thick enough, so it does not look quite right.  but the taste was still there.)

a few hours before our guests were to arrive, i realized the house was missing a little spring oomph.  sometimes you just need to wing it.

pitcher of silk tulips

pretty in pink jelly beans

easter chandelier

silk tulips in a white pitcher.  jelly beans poured into an almost forgotten pretty pink egg bowl.  a white berry garland heaped over the chandelier.  eggs hung by the twigs.  i think these lovelies will have to visit a little longer.

additional sweetness for our family was the opportunity to worship with our church family sunday morning.  i was unsure of my capability to leave the house, but i made it!  we met in the outdoor ampitheater at krannert center for the performing arts.  sitting on the concrete was a tad difficult for my aching body, but hearing a much needed message, taking communion and singing together made it all worth it.  yay!

hope you had a lovely easter weekend!  whether elaborate or simple, well planned or on the fly, i pray it was sweetness all around for you as well.

and i can't help but share this.  it is so true.



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