dinner made lovely

daffodils at dinner

i am a huge proponent of adding a touch of lovely to the everyday.  but last month, i realized i was missing a key opportunity to do just that.  we were falling into the evenings without much thought and preparation.  a true recipe for staying disconnected.  i knew i could be caring for my family more intentionally.

that night i chose to find the lovely.  pulled out a tablecloth.  put on some music.  cut flowers from the garden.

i even greeted jesse at the door with a cocktail.

did you know i make a pretty fab cuba libre?  my father-in-law is a great teacher.  let me know if you want one the next time you are over.

the result of these small efforts?  my attitude was totally transformed.  i was able to more fully and freely love my family by choosing the lovely.  i had not only prepared a meal.  i had prepared my heart.  

simple ways to make any meal special:
use a tableloth
cut something fresh from outside
light a candle. . . or nine
use the nice plates and/or napkins
make a special drink
use a glass pitcher for water
turn on some good music

these are not original ideas.  just easily overlooked ones.  i promise it does not take much effort.  every saturday we go all out for family brunch, including most of the above suggestions.  during the week, i am trying to add a few special touches to dinner time whenever possible.   i believe it impacts our entire family.

now that we are moving to more frequent outdoor eating, i am hoping to purchase some LED globe string lights to crisscross overhead the patio table.  it would be a worthwhile investment. 

sticks at dinner too

of course, the littles would think these make a needed addition to a clean white tablecloth.  i will see them as a sweet reminder that spring is here and sticks are always at hand.  once again, choosing the lovely.



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