the bluebird cafe

the bluebird cafe 

oh bluebird cafe, i think my husband would stop by every week if we lived in nashville.

the saturday evening of live music was a definite highlight of our getaway.   coming to the bluebird cafe was one of jesse's few requests for the weekend.  i am so so glad.  good choice, babe. 

did you know this is where garth brooks was discovered?  and taylor swift too?  well, it was.  and loads of other amazing artists.  this is one fab place. 

the bluebird cafe

he was pretty thrilled we got a table.  the bluebird is very small.  like only 20 tables small.  with an additional 25 seats at the bar and some minimal bench seating, the chance of getting a table, when you have no reservations, is super slim.  but we are cool like that.  

the bluebird cafe

the four songwriters performed in the round.  they basically took turns singing and playing their individual music.  this kept things fresh and each of their unique voices was appreciated. 

i laughed.  i cried.  have i mentioned music makes me uber emotional? 

the bluebird cafe

and this is how close we were sitting.  literally right there.  it was so fun.

have you been to the bluebird cafe?  if you get the chance, i highly recommend it.

we love love love live music.  jesse used to play in a band.  (i think i need to find some of those old photos).  i adored being a groupie.  time for a reunion, friends?   

how about you?  do you have a favorite place for live music?  i am always willing to store up a good recommendation.


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