thoughts on japan with stacey

join me in welcoming another beautiful woman sharing her thoughts on japan.  stacey is on staff with our church and our resident expert on japan. 

I have been to Japan six times, and I have also spent much of my life dedicated to learning the language and pursuing full-time missions in Japan.  When I first heard about the 9.0 earthquake and resulting tsunami, I was very concerned, but felt confident that this great industrious nation would rebuild very quickly.  In the days that have followed the quake, however, it has become clear that the rising death toll and concerns over nuclear instability has left Japan in shock.  I have watched several interviews with survivors of the tsunami who admit that they do not know where their spouses, children and grandchildren are.  It is heartbreaking to imagine the emotions they must be feeling.

Just days before the earthquake hit, I purchased plane tickets for a mission trip this summer to Japan.  My departure date is still two months away, so I am hopeful that my trip will still be able to happen.  I feel drawn to be in Japan right now and to support those who are questioning God or are beginning to ask spiritual questions for the first time.

Japan’s population is only .5% Christian.  Missionaries have always found it perplexing that the Gospel meets so much resistance in Japan, especially since it is fully legal to be a Christian there.  We can only hope and pray that God will move in the hearts of the Japanese people to seek Him as the one true God, and Jesus Christ His Son.

Our GCM Contacts in Japan are reporting that they are safe but very concerned.  Please pray for their continued safety and that they will have spiritual opportunities in the lives of those around them.  Please also pray that God would protect the nation from radiation leakage.  Let’s pray that any radiation that is leaked will dissipate over the ocean rather than blowing over large cities like Tokyo.  Also, please pray for the needs of those who are in evacuation shelters, many of whom are the elderly who left behind their necessary medications.  Let’s pray together that God will be near to those who are hurting, and that He will turn many hearts toward Him!

thank you stacey for giving me a clearer picture on the needs of japan.  it is so easy to get caught up purely in the relief and recovery efforts.  i am thankful for your heart for this country and will join you in praying.

if you would like to support stacey and her work in japan, please go here for information on giving.


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