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it's my birthday week!  and i would like to celebrate a little.  because it only comes once a year and this is my blog and i get to call the shots around here.  but also because i love you.  for reals.

we'll start with a giveaway.  i think the hobbits had it right.  i love to give others gifts on my birthday.  just a little thank you.  (but don't get me wrong, i like to get gifts too.  just sayin'.)

create hoop

okay friends, if you would like to win the above hoop art, this giveaway is for you.  this was one of the first pieces i made for the shoppe last summer.  the 4" wood hoop is stretched with repurposed brown linen/cotton blend fabric. the heart is cut from repurposed ivory cotton and stamped with black ink. the sweet and simple embroidery is done in grass and lime greens.  it made into the etsy finds but has yet to find a home. 

leave a comment for a chance to call it yours.  you must be a follower of the blog to be eligible.  please leave your e-mail, so i can get in touch with you.  the giveaway will remain open until sunnday 3/27.
some of you might remember last year's blog party.  i hosted my very first giveaways!  it was super fun.  but i still need to finish sending some of those banners that i promised.  time has truly gotten away from me.  i have a plan for it.  i really do.  but to keep from that issue happening again, i am only giving away pre-made handmade goodness this year.  see?  i can learn from the past.  :)


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