how to makeover a lamp with a slipcover

my seven dollar lamp made-over

finally.  the lamp makeover is finally complete.

i bought this lamp last august fully expecting to make it over immediately.  well, folks, life sometimes doesn't work like that.  i know you understand.

but i am so glad i waited.  during our trip down to houston last fall, my amazing mother-in-law gave me a couple of gorgeous embroidered pieces.  both of them were stitched by her mother and aunt.  i am honored to have this part of our family history. 

embroidered pillowcase about to restyled

one of these pieces was a pillowcase.  the size was a bit awkward for a pillow though.  but if turned vertically, it was almost exactly the height of this tall shade.  i had my inspiration!

here is how i gave a dated, but very cool, thrift store lamp a makeover with a simple slipcover (and a little spray paint).

materials used: 
embroidered pillowcase
repurposed bed sheet
basic sewing supplies

lamp embroidery close-up

for the slipcover: 

first i took a seam ripper to the pillow case and carefully separated the front and back panels.  i measured the height of my shade and trimmed the embroidered panel to fit.  then i added width with a coordinating bed sheet to provide a snug fit around the shade.  right sides together, i sewed these two panels to make one large tube.  turning it right side out, i then shimmied it down the shade.

this slipcover uses the original hems of the pillowcase and bedsheet at the bottom.  the top edge was left raw (no hem), but i did hot glue a length of ribbon along the top to finish it off.

first coat on

and for the base:

we simply took leftover spray paint (from who knows what project) and gave the wood and brass base a modern feel.  don't forget to tape!  overspray will give any makeover a sloppy look.  we taped and bagged the cord and also taped the socket base.  three coats of antique white spray paint later and . . . voila!

pretty embroidered glow

the beauty of this project is that i was able to preserve the original heirloom embroidery, but also showcase it so we can enjoy it daily.  that really is a win-win.

and oh my, look at that glow.  these lovely flowers will for sure distract me from my reading.

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