how i know it is spring

hip hip hooray!  spring is here!

signs of the season are popping up all over the place.  but one of the best has to be the freshly opened crocuses in our yard.  for me, these first blooms sing the start of spring.

crocus bouquet

the six-year-old picked flowers for a bouquet. 

flowers under attack

the sixteen-month-old attacked flowers with a stick.

it felt so good to spend most of the weekend outdoors.  in short sleeves no less.  we visited a farm, picked up potager supplies, spray painted a lamp, and cleaned up the front yard and porch.

spring means dirt

and because it is just one more sign that we are outside playing in the dirt (and soaking up the sunshine), this sink honestly makes my heart smile. 

how about you?  what is one of your favorite signs of spring?


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