hearts at home 2011

hearts at home mamas (2011)

the conference was fabulous.  i spent much needed time with some wonderful mamas and was so inspired by the speakers.  thanks friends for being on this journey of mamahood together!    

let me tell y'all, i have conference brain.  which means i can't really sort out what i want to share about the weekend.  fibro fatigue is in overdrive.  right now my energy is being used to recover, leaving me very little to function mentally.  what i do have left is needed here at casa hart.  it really does take that much out of me.

i tend to write things like, "i will share soon," without much follow-up.  sorry for that.  instead let me tell you, "i hope to share soon."  how does that sound?

meeting amber

adina and i just missed having a little lunchtime meet-up, which was a bummer!  but maybe next year, right lady?  but i did get to meet amber!  while waiting in line at einstein bagels, this pretty lady behind me snuck a peak at my nametag and quickly introduced herself as a blog reader!  how fun is that?  we even unknowingly lived in the same town for awhile and, also unknowingly, belonged to the same mom's group.  i love small world occurences.  thanks so much for saying hi amber.  and for helping me decide between the salads.


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