classical conversations and my new gig

my new gig

i have mentioned before that we are using classical conversations.  it is a fantastic program that combines a classical education with a biblical worldview.  we also attend our local classical conversations community, where area families come together for connection and support.  this is a time for "parents to equip parents."  the kiddos get a chance to interact with others learning the same material.  it is so great.

well, remember that big project i alluded to a few weeks back?  the one that was taking up the majority of my mental energy and free time?  well, i can now publicly announce that i will be the new foundations and essentials director of the champaign classical conversations community for 2011-2012.  i am thrilled to have this opportunity to help our families on their homeschooling journeys. 

and let me tell you, if you ever wondered if i could actually write in full correct sentences (and capitalize letters), my application for this position can stand as proof.  i haven't had to write essays of that length and formality for a loooong time.  it was good for me.

so for chambana locals reading this, hit me up with any questions if you are interested in learning more about our group.


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