(birthday week) giveaway winners!

what happens when you have major fibro fatigue while writing up a blog post?  you fall asleep on the keyboard and need to be sleepwalked to bed by 9:30pm.  yep.  that was me last night.  the glamorous life of chronic illness.  i woke up still tired 9 hours later and the coffee maker is broken.  not complaining, just sayin'.  in case it sounded like life was all weekend getaways and pretty lampshade tutorials. 

anyway, here is that overdue giveaway winners announcement.  thank you to all who entered!  i had such fun sharing some handmade goodies with y'all.

create hoop art:  jill tucci
labeled for him notecards:  annette
felt rose brooch:  kimberly martin-boyd
large sponsor ad:  jenni carlisle

all winners have been contacted.  (i did get something accomplished last night before the crash.)

i meant to post this announcement earlier today, but have been battling that same fatigue throughout and it slipped my mind to hit publish until now.  

off for another much needed date with my pillow.



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