this blog has been prettified


how do you like the new look?  i put my hours upon hours of bedrest this weekend to good use by finally tweaking the blog.  (plus my trial run of photoshop expires soon, so i had a deadline to make.)  

i am pleased with the changes.  while not what i envisioned (i really dig this, this, and this), it seems to suit my need for something long-term.  html coding takes me too long to refresh the design regularly.  this simpler look will hopefully calm my itchy fingers. 

like i said with the domain and name changes last month, i wanted to love this space, not just tolerate it.  there are a few things i want to finish and i am still considering tweaking the background (to give it a little more finish), but the most time-consuming part is over.  yay!
i'll take some time this week to show you the ins and outs of it all.  plus i can direct you to some neat sources for diy blog design.  until then, take a gander and let me know if anything is wonky.

and thank you so so much for the get well wishes.  i am s l o w l y recovering.

here's to a new week of lovely (and better health)!


p.s. if you are looking for someone else to prettify your blog (or etsy shop), heather's work is so great and her prices are super reasonable.  she has my recommendation.  go take a look.


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