these make me smile

they dress themselves

i am sick again.  or maybe i should say sick still.  regardless, i am feeling yucky and need a pick me up.  these photos do just that.  plus my brain is struggling to focus on much, so i am just going with this, k?

luca and gia love expressing themselves through clothes and costumes.  i think we can safely estimate a minimum of three outfit changes a day.  from each of them.  but don't you agree that taking on math lessons in a knight costume makes it more fun?  and then putting pjs back on for reading on the couch is oh-so-comfy.  my only rule is they need to put away whatever they take off.  (and rule one and a half is they need to put on "real" clothes if i ask.)

imagination station

yes, he wears the hat every day.

and when you are planning barn battle strategy from invading tigers, camo is a great choice.


gia has excellent taste and often suggests new get-ups for me.  she doesn't understand why i don't want to wear my "pretty dresses" all the time.  when she grows up, she plans on borrowing them.  

even better is how sweet and sincerely complimentary gia is to everyone.  each morning, when i'm rockin' the bedhead and pjs, she looks me in the eyes and says, " you look booooo-tiful mama."  yeah, never fails to make my heart melt.

barn battle

now, i am going to huddle under a few blankets and drink more hot tea with honey.  thankfully, these guys got my back. 


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