sick days and crafting

stitch along

casa hart has been hit with colds and the flu. i have been in bed for two days straight. and regardless of how i dream of that kind of break on my crazier mamahood-homeschooling days, it is not all it is cracked up to be.  i am bored.  not to mention feeling yucky. 

i have been slowly stitching away at my embroidery hoops since i have been so bored.  in between the achiness and chills that is.  didn't this turn out pretty? feeling stitchy is hosting a february stitch-along and i thought i would join in.  if you look closely you can see my lazy daisy stitches need a lot of practice. these were my first try at them.  which is why joining in sounded like fun.  i haven't crafted just for the sake of creating in a while.  i almost always have a specific reason.  a gift, home decor, something for practical use or for the shoppe . . . all good reasons. . . but i miss working a stitch just because it will be pretty.  no place i plan on using it.  no person i plan on giving it to.  being okay with the uncertainty.  knowing it will find its home in due time.

does that make sense?

i have stitched up a few other lovelies that i will get around to showing you at some point.  maybe when they find their first home. 

jesse needs to be away all day tomorrow, so i am just praying i can make it through without him.  can anyone say movie day?  he was such a rockstar the last few days.  

we still have three more guests in the gifts from the heart series!  this has been super fun, don't you think?


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