joyful, patient, faithful

a timely reminder

hi friends!  just a pretty little reminder for the weekend.  i know i need it.

i was supposed to be joining 90+ other women for a retreat and sleepover tonight.  supposed to.  but i am still super sick and it would be foolish to drive an hour from home, stay up late, and sleep on an air mattress.  so in the interest of needing rest and healing, we decided i should stay home.  sigh.  doesn't mean i have to be happy about it, right?

i was ridiculously excited to see my friends from our sister church (aka my old church).  i miss those ladies terribly.  i have already cried once since realizing i would miss this weekend.  double sigh.

but gia has suggested we have a party to cheer mama up, so i am thinking we can redeem this unexpected gift of family time. 

on another note, i wanted to say thank you for the sweet response last week to my post on not being enough.  i was going to reply to each comment individually, but things haven't shaped up this week for that to happen.  just know your words, prayers, and thoughts were deeply felt.  you guys rock.

and thank you again to jerusalem for bailing me out this morning with some great thoughts on one little change.

hope your days are full of joy, patience, and faithfulness  i will catch ya on the flip side.


p.s. other reminders to my illini life and cornerstone girls - eat lots of yummy food, play fun games, have great conversation, and open your hearts to God's teaching!  have a fabulous overnighter!


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