how to eat breakfast on a snow day

snow day breakfast

yes, we had a snow day today in chambana.  even though it would be more accurately called an ice day.  both west and north of here had a true snowpocalypse, but we did get maybe 6 inches.  and that is on top of a sheet of ice several inches thick.  pretty dang slick out there.  the university even cancelled classes (only the third time in history).  jesse and his 4 wheel drive jeep actually made the one mile commute to work for a half day.  but not until we had gobbled up a yummy snowman breakfast.  blueberry pancakes garnished with chocolate chips, carrots, sausage and marshmallows.  inspired by these.  and for the hecklers out there (namely my family) - the carrots were the first bits to get eaten!

tomorrow we will be making this.  the snow is already waiting in the freezer.

how about you?  are you snowed in?  or did you avoid this latest storm?

and are you enjoying the gifts from the heart series?  so much goodness still to come!


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