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today's guest is unique in that i actually have seen her beautiful face in person.  yep.  i actually know her in "real-life"! (but, really, i consider blogland real-life too.)  our families belong to the same church and are on mission at the university together.  our daughters play together.  we have traveled to honduras as part of a missions team together.  and, together, we share a love for making beautiful things from what we find around us.   

stephanie uses her blog, my secret garden, to share her diverse life and interests.  you can find great ideas for pretty and simple home decor.  stephanie if also passionate about healthy, tasty food.  (maybe you can share that modified brownie mix recipe with us sometime?)  and she is one of those girls who make every outfit look fabulous.  i look forward to her fashion posts.  (and she sews up some great stuff sans patterns.)  the following tutorial reflects her great style and creativity.  let's check it out. . .

Hello! I am really honored to be guest posting for you all today. I have the privilege of knowing Annalea- she actually lives in my neighborhood! And let me tell you, she is just as beautiful and kind and creative as her blog.

You might have seen a necklace like this {a gift from my sister} at Ruche or Anthropologie. I love it’s casual flare, and how it easily adds ruffles and flowers to any outfit. So I decided to make one! But I added a little sugar to it- gumballs! There are two versions: one for a sister, mom, or friend, and one for kids. Here we go:

Sweetheart and Bubble Love


We’ll start with the Bubble Love.

All you need is gumballs, scraps of lightweight fabric, and a needle and thread.

{Step 1} Cut a 2 inch strip of fabric {i used tulle so you can see the gumballs} as long as you want your necklace, plus extra for tying {mine is about 18 inches}

{Step 2} Wrap one gumball into the fabric

{Step 3} Tie a tight knot at each end of the gumball, add another, repeat, repeat, repeat for 7 or 8 gumballs

{Step 4} Tie around neck, done! So easy and very tempting for a 3 year old sugar baby.

The next version takes a little longer, but not much.


{Step 1} Cut out a stack of about 30 hearts

{Step 2} separate into 5 piles with 6 hearts each and tack together with a single stitch. I used blue thread so you can see the stitch better, but it would be better to use matching thread

{Step 3} Tie gumball chain just like Bubble Love.

{Step 4} Stitch the heart piles in place on edges of necklace, 3 on one side, 2 opposite

{Step 5} Tie edges together and you’re done!

I used gumballs in this, but if you want a more permanent necklace, use plastic or wooden beads. To make it more secure, sew the edges of the fabric together so the beads won’t fall out.

thank you so much steph for giving us two fabulous tutorials!  how sweet would this matching set be for a mama and daughter?  or an aunt and niece?  or a grandma and granddaughter?  love it.  i also think bubble love would be a great daddy-made gift for his little sweetheart(s).  i know i will be showing jesse this one.

stephanie, i am so glad we get to be neighbors.  and love that we are in community together as sisters in Christ.  even when i don't see you for weeks, i get to read and connect with you on-line.  yay for blogs!  

now go grab a yummy drink and spend some time over at my secret garden.  you'll find a beautiful family and lovely lady with so much to share. 


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