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gifts from the heart

are you ready for the guests?  i hope so.  today we start with an absolute sweetheart.  kirstin and i crossed paths last spring.  we have formed such a sweet friendship.  she co-authors kojodesigns with sister jordan and these girls are talented!  they throw fabulous parties full of handmade touches with high-style flair.  there are so many tutorials, i am not sure i can choose my favorite.  (well, actually i am brainstorming a way to make their gorgeous anthro-inspired duvet.  isn't it amazing?)  the kojo girls recently won so you think you're crafty season 5 and our currently competing in project run and play. 

one of my favorite parts of their blog is how big the role of family plays in their daily life.  i would guess that they are living a legacy of intentional parenting.  when i read their new year's eve post, i thought, those are the kind of traditions i want our family to have.  i am so inspired by their sibling friendships.  

now let's see what kirstin has to share with us. . .

Hello there, friends! I am Kirstin, half of a team of sisters who blog over at kojodesigns, and I'm so thrilled to be guesting here today. Sometime last Spring, we stumbled across Annalea's blog and immediately fell in love with the girl. We love the way she adores her family, her intentionality in prioritizing things that are of lasting value, her infatuation with her husband, her sunny, vintage style... just love the girl!

I also love the idea of a whole series based on Gifts from the Heart. And it was such fun to put this project together for my husband (though, really, you could make one for anyone you love)! See, I have pretty much the best husband ever. And I definitely don't tell him all of the things that I appreciate about him often enough. Which brings us to this love note on a string.

Want to make one of your own? You'll need:
-cardstock (I used four pieces)
-a printer
-paper cutter and corner rounder (both optional, but nice to have on hand)
-sewing machine and sewing supplies

1. Type up a list of things you love about your guy. Do you love his dance moves? The way he reads to your kids every night? His loyal heart? Be specific! Add detail to the background of your 'list' if you want (Adam loves all things outdoors and would always choose neutrals over colors, so I made a monochromatic background of trees for my list).

2. Print out and cut apart (round the corners of each one if you want). You should have a pile of things you love, ready to be sewn into a garland

3. Pull the thread of your sewing machine until you have a decent 'tail.' Feed your pile of compliments through the sewing machine one at a time, stitching them together in a row. Leave another 'tail' at the other end of the garland.

4. Hang up your Love Note on a String as a little reminder of the plethora of small things you love about your love.

Thanks again for having us, Annalea! We can't wait to see the rest of this Gifts from the Heart series!

maybe you are snowed in today like our family.  if so, a love note on a string would be a great project to work on while sipping some hot chocolate.  thanks so much kirstin for sharing your gift from the heart!  or pop a movie in for the kiddos and take some time visiting kojodesigns.  their blog is filled with so much goodness, i promise you'll find one or six projects to add to your wish-list. 

and a super special sidenote:  jordan (the other half of the kojo blogging sisters) gave birth to her third child yesterday!!!  evelyn kate is so beautiful.  congratulations to the whole family!


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