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gifts from the heart

today's gift from the heart is brought to you from the ever lovely heather of blessed little nest.  this gal is one of the sweetest souls i have met on-line.  coming across her blog last summer, i was struck by the eloquent, honest words and drawn in by the beauty of her photos.  time and again i think, she gets it!  life is messy and this world is broken, but joy is always a choice.  not always an easy one, but it is there.  she celebrates that with her life made lovely mondaysan excellent example of it is the joyful life library project.  i so admire the comfort her family gives others through this calling.

now take a look at what heather has for us today. . .


Hello Annalea Hart readers!!
My name is Heather from Blessed Little Nest and I'm thrilled
to be participating Annalea's Gifts from the Heart series.  I love
to create simple projects that add a nice dose of lovely to life,
and I think these fabric wrapped bracelets do just that. 

Plastic Bangles
Just a Note- thrift stores are a great source, but I also recently
found a set of child sized bangles in the dollar section at Target.
Fabric Scraps
Hot Glue Gun

Trim your fabric scraps to 1/2" wide.  The length will vary depending on
the size of your bangle, and whether you plan to use more then one style
of fabric for your project.  My scraps ranged in length from 5" to 18" long

Apply a small strip of hot glue to the inside of your bracelet,
pressing one end of the fabric scrap in the glue until it's secure, 
and then wrap the bangle, making a point to overlap your layers.

Once your bangle is completely wrapped apply another
small strip of glue to the inside of the bracelet to secure the
end.  Follow the same steps if you are using more then one
piece of fabric per bangle, just be sure to overlap the end
of the old fabric with the start of the new one.  Easy peasy!

I think they're simply lovely, and a perfect way to share
your heart with the big and little girls on your gifting list.

In fact, these simple little gifts are so lovely that a certain little girl
just snuck into my craft room, grabbed a couple of them right off my table,
and put them on all by herself.  What can I say...
like mother, like daughter-  she like's a little lovely in her life, too.

Thank you again Annalea for asking me to be part of this special series.
It's been so much fun!
Happy crafting, happy gifting, and happy Valentine's Day everyone!!
XOXO-  Heather

thank you so much heather!  i swear i have been on the look-out for rogue bangles around the house since you sent me your post.  i know we have some somewhere.  (maybe under a bed?)  these are for sure on our to-do list.  

make a date with your computer and a favorite drink to spend some time over at heather's blessed little nest.  it is really such a happy place.  (and isn't she adorable?)  


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