pick up, catch up, clean up

i think that sums up my week nicely.

formal homeschooling has picked up once again casa hart.  and i am so pleased to tell you, it is going great.  i keep thinking i shouldn't be so surprised.  luca and gia all of us seem to be thriving with a return to structure in our schedule.  and who doesn't like walking around conjugating latin to the tune of frere jaques all day?

christmas clean up

as you can tell with all the holiday posting this week, i have been playing catch up with editing photos and writing up memories.  sometimes i let this fall to the side too easily.  and then i get mad at myself for being months and months behind.  most (but not all) of january will be some kind of catch up here on the blog.  i still have gia's party to post and our trip to texas to get organized.  and i will see if there is anything else i can unearth in my folders upon folders of photos from 2010.

i have also been playing catch up around the house.  we took it easy during jesse's time off work and now i am pulling double duty for housework.  which has actually been pretty smooth as well.  it feels good to get the house tidy.  can you tell i was craving routine and order?

christmas clean up

we began cleaning up christmas decor yesterday.  the kiddos and i untrimmed (is that a word?  detrimmed?) the tree and i even took it outside on my own.  surprised jesse with that move.  while luca swept up the dropped needles, i was already missing the twinkly lights.

are you cleaned up from the holidays?  i like to stretch it, but am now feeling the itch for something fresh in the house.

edit: instead of posting again today, i just want to say i am signing off for the weekeend.  hope it is full of joy for all of you.  see you monday for one little change.  this week's link party will be open until sunday night if you want to join us.  see you then!


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