one little change

hello and welcome to one little change.  

one little change is about seeing lasting difference and making real progress on the big goals in life by being faithful in small monthly changes.

each little change we make is part of a bigger picture.  i want to live healthier?  i'll drink more water.  i want a more peaceful home?  i'll start by keeping one room tidy.

our goal for spiritual growth in 2011 is to observe a weekly sabbath.  we recognize the desperate need for this not only in our personal relationships with God, but also as a couple and family desiring to seek and glorify Him with our time.  we are committed to making this a lifelong habit.  each month this year we will focus on one aspect of sabbath observance that has previously been a roadblock in our lives.

another big picture goal is to have a completely clean and organized basement by the end of the year.  we began this project july 2009.  we thought we would finish in july 2010.  in 2011, we are dedicating a year of sunday mornings to finally cross this off the list.  yep.  instead of carving out a week this coming summer, we will be making a little change each month to peck away at the project.

now let's see what we have been up to.

third little change

third little change: prepare our home for the sabbath

in the past, i have struggled with taking a day of rest when the house was not prepared in advance.  we are still figuring this out.  it is hard for me.  but i have learned two things.

the first is that we do have time and energy for it.  we might need to do less other stuff to make this happen, but we can do it.  less school on friday mornings.  less rest (or crafting or computer time) during naptimes on friday afternoons.  less sleep on friday nights.  if we are truly committed, we will make it happen.  simple as that.

secondly, i have learned to let some parts of the house go.  my room is a cluttered mess.  it has been since christmas.  i hope each week it can get organized before the next saturday.  it hasn't yet.  maybe this week.  if not, i will just not set foot in the room during our sabbath.  truthfully, it hasn't stressed me out at all.  my perspective and expectations are evolving.

this weekend, i woke to find luca and gia fighting an imaginary war of seemingly epic proportions.  i was told the bad guys were being kept at bay by their stellar defensive tactics.  (maybe they didn't use those words, but that was the gist of it.)  this early morning photo of them in a tidied upstairs makes my heart smile. 

fourth little change

fourth little change: clean and organize the laundry room

since it is the part of the basement most used, we chose the laundry room as our first battlefield in a not so imaginary war of pretty much epic proportions.  we have started decluttering and reorganizing.  i could say i forgot to take a before shot, but instead i will remind us that some things are best left unseen.  just know that this room has already seen several hours of work.  and it still looks so . . . dismal.  but it is cleared out.  and i can do something with this dismal.  just wait and see.

how about you?
are you making any little changes in life?
please share  them with us and link up below.
and include a link back here so others can be inspired by all of our faithfulness. 

just make one little change.

work at it.  stick to it.
and move a step closer to your goals.
soar, however slowly, to your dreams. 

one little change

a year of little changes can make one big difference.


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