one little change

hello and welcome to one little change.  

one little change is about seeing lasting difference and making real progress on the big goals in life by being faithful in small monthly changes.

second little change (2011)

second little change of 2011: keep the bathroom countertop clean

here is our upstairs bathroom.  it has been half painted for two years.  a goal for this year could be finishing the project.  and that very well may happen.  but i have not figured out the whens and hows yet.  instead i am currently aiming for something much less exciting and much more important.  often you found this counter littered with deodorant, a blow dryer, hair product, a flat iron, a make-up brush, powder, mascara, a hair clip, and so on and so on.  in a rush to get ready and move on to the rest of life and responsibility, i left this place a mess.  it was a bad habit that contributed to the chaos in our home.  no i did not take a photo of that mess for y'all.  instead i am celebrating its cleanliness!  two weeks of a tidy counter!  i have slipped up a few times, but overall i am super pleased with this progress.  it might not sound like much in the bigger picture of housekeeping tasks, but it is one little change for the better.

a huge help for making this change manageable is that i cleaned out all of the drawers and cabinets in this bathroom over the holiday break.  i must have purged almost half of what we were keeping in here.  this set the stage for organized storage.  now i can easily find what i need and, better yet, put things away without playing tetris.  often we need to build a foundation for progress to be possible.


how about you?
are you making any little changes in life?
please share them with us and link up below.
and include a link back here so others can be inspired by all of our faithfulness. 

just make one little change.
work at it.  stick to it.
and move a step closer to your goals.
soar, however slowly, to your dreams. 

one little change

a year of little changes can make one big difference.


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