one big change

welcome to my new blog!  but not really. i mean you really are welcome, but it is not really a new blog.  it just has a new name.  and a new address.  are you confused yet?

okay, let me start over.  i decided to give the blog a makeover and one thing led to another and all of a sudden i had made this big change.  but not really all of a sudden.  i have been considering it for the last 6 months.  it was just kickstarted by being stuck on the couch for several nights in a row.  me and my laptop can be a dangerous and powerful combination.

(sorry if i am sounding like a crazy lady.  let's blame my lack of coherence on fibro fog.)

the reason is simple.  i didn't love my old blog name anymore.  it wasn't bad, but i didn't want to keep investing in something i didn't love.  plus i felt that it did not completely reflect me and the content here.  i chose the name way back when i knew nothing about blogs aside from a few sweet close friends who were trying them out.  the purpose at the time was purely to keep in touch with family.  and while that is still a huge part of this space, it has clearly grown to something more.

i decided to go with my name because . . .
  1. it is unique and i like it (thanks mom, dad, and jesse!)
  2. i wanted something with long-term staying power, since i don't want to do a change again.  i figure if the blog focus shifts in the future, this name/address can shift with it easily.
  3. and lastly, the blog, while covering many topics, has always been a reflection of me and my life.  that is all i can promise you here.  that i will be real and honest with who i am. 
(also, i could just not think of anything witty or exciting.)

i am super pumped about the new tagline.  i just feels right.  

there will be more tweaks and updates to come in the near future, but after that i am planning on letting it be for awhile.  right now, you may notice that i have started tweaking the page titles under the header, as well as some labels in the sidebar.  feel free to explore and check them out.  i will clue you into any changes as they are finished.

blogger made it super easy to change the address without losing or needing to transfer any of the old our hartbeat content.  all of the old links will continue to work.  thank you google!


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