new year's eve 2010

our new year's eve was a low-key stay at home event.  we were pretty tired.  a head cold/sore throat/low-grade fever bug was working its way through our family.  but we did enjoy our traditional swiss and chocolate fondues, play a rousing game of uno, and watch a little tv.  because we are cool like that. 

my nye slippers (so fancy)

when i say low-key, i mean i stayed in my pjs all day.  these slippers are as fancy as i could handle.

sick little guy

luca-boy took a two hour nap in the late afternoon.  this is his i just woke up, am still feeling sick, but have been looking forward to this night all week, so i will stick it out and make it work face.  it was pretty cute how much he talked about"the new year" last month.  i think it finally registered that it was something special. 

swiss fondue

jesse and i might just call swiss fondue our favorite meal.  melted gruyere and emmental cheeses.  warm crusty bread.  roasted potatoes with lots of pepper and a touch of lemon.  an array of crispy veggies.  seriously good.

fondue newbie

our little fondue newbie.  a bit unsure on the cheese.  but the only one of the littles who actually tried it.

chocolate fondue

now on to the chocolate.  this recipe is super easy.  two cups of chocolate chips and a cup of french vanilla creamer.  that's it.  strawberries, mandarin oranges, pound cake, pretzels, and marshmallows for dipping. 

gia approved

gia approved.  who am i kidding?  everyone approved.


the longest game of uno.  ever.  i mean i think it took us an hour to play.  but it is really fun to watch luca.  this definitely perked him up a bit.  i can't believe i didn't get a picture of him.  this might have been the only moment jumping-bean-gia sat still for that entire hour.  as a game partner, she was crazy and unfocused.  as a cute and happy four year old, she was excellent.

sparkling cider makes you sleepy

we did a sparkling cider toast at 9pm.  they felt so special with their real wine glasses. 

sparkling cider (yum)

for the next 48 hours, gia wanted to exclaim "happy new year" at every meal.  she thinks "chinking" glasses is super fun. 


he wanted us to believe he fell asleep on the couch so we would let him stay there all night.  faker. :)

sparkly pucker

she nursed her glass for a good 10 minutes.  this pucker is my favorite.

a part of me misses celebrating with a large group of friends at some fun party where i actually wear make-up and dress in something pretty.  but this may be the first year i truly enjoyed being home more.  as the kiddos get older, we get to interact more and create lasting memories.  and there is nothing that says i can't wear make-up and dress pretty for a night in with my family.  but not when we are sick.  when we are sick, wearing slippers and pjs is the only way to go.

so how did you celebrate new year's eve this year?


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