is it just me?

or is disqus not loading every time you pull up the blog?  it has been kinda sporadic for me this week.  if i refresh the page a couple times, it will usually load.  but that is a bit annoying.

also, my computer is acting up. beeps and buzzes.  not good.  not good at all.  i spent hours yesterday backing up files and such.  it is running soooooooo slow.  not wanting to complain, since i know having a laptop at all is a luxury.  but with the shoppe and this blog, my current life is very computer dependent.

but back to disqus. . . when i reply to your comments, do you get an e-mail notification?  i have been meaning to ask.  i am really trying to be more faithful with replying to comments and e-mails.  you may notice a reply from months ago popping up in your inbox soon.  i am ridiculously behind.  please forgive my tardiness.

now i am off to work on those e-mails and some future posts in case this things bites the dust.



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