happy weekend!

photoshoot with alan

in the fall, we did a family photo session with our friend alan.  i just love this shot.

i ended the week in a bit of a funk.  not really bad.  but not so good.

but tomorrow is saturday.  which means no work for jesse.  no housework or errands for either of us.  no computer.  no tv.  no distractions.

it means time for worship and jesse playing guitar.  watching enzo dance and play.  reading the excellent book i began last weekend.  playing a board game with jesse (and maybe my brothers).  watching luca build legos.  having a tea party with gia.  reuniting with our church family after a long break.  resting at the end of a long week.  taking a day to rest.  taking a day to be still.

and that, my friends, is so good.

happy weekend!


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