because sometimes you need to celebrate


guess what?  it is not quite 10am 'round these parts and i have already picked up half of my house in preparation for tomorrow's sabbath.  that is on top of guiding the two older littles to pick up their bedrooms, help clear the breakfast table and get dressed.  and also includes changing and dressing the littlest little, keeping him from all the dangerous spots he wants to climb and having an impromptu dance party while he played piano.

i have put away toys and clothes.  wiped down tables and a toilet.  i have done laundry and sorted mail.  fluffed pillows and folded blankets.  i am tending our little nest and, because of small tweaks in our daily life and weekly schedule, it was not a burden or an afterthought.

isn't that wonderful?  i mean sincerely and simply wonderful?

i know that mamahood is not intended for constant praise.  it is comprised of mostly invisible work.  that is the role i have been called to and blessed with.

it seems that i spend much time on this blog admitting my weaknesses.  that is valuable.  these struggles, whether through my personal limitations or from what life has handed us, are common.  by sharing, we combat the lie that we are alone.  we hear each other.  we become a community.

but being a community also means lifting each other up in celebration.  and today that is what i am feeling.  i want to celebrate.  i am seeing the difference of little changes.  i am reaping the benefits of faithfulness. 

the journey is far from over.  there are many more changes to be addressed.  but today i will celebrate.  will you join me?

please let me know what we are celebrating in your life!


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